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One and a half seasons into the ground effect regulations, it’s unclear if Mercedes has fully grasped them since their introduction in 2022. Given the team’s reputation, it’s perplexing to pinpoint the specific challenges hindering their progress.

In early 2022, Mercedes faced difficulties and spent a significant portion of the year trying to find the key to unlock their anticipated race-winning performance. On several instances, they seemed on the verge of a breakthrough, but it often proved elusive.

Mercedes F1 Results – What Changed In 2023?

Entering 2023, many expected the Mercedes results to show that they had overcome these hurdles. However, the start of the season echoed the challenges of the previous year, with occasional glimpses of potential progress followed by setbacks.

From the outside it looks like Mercedes are like a rabbit frozen in the path of headlights. They seem to want to do anything without a clear strategic focus.

This has made some of the Mercedes’ developments puzzling.

While enhancements like the increased anti-dive on the front suspension might provide better braking support, the primary issue remains with the aerodynamic platform.

James Allson returned as the Technical Director

James Allison, who resumed his role as technical director this season, commented on the car’s performance, noting its instability during turns. This behavior contrasts with driver preferences, raising the question of why the team didn’t address this sooner.

During the Spa race, drivers reported issues with porpoising, an outcome linked to the aerodynamic platform’s characteristics. Addressing this requires the right equipment and understanding of aerodynamics, and merely managing it won’t necessarily elevate performance.

Mike Elliott, Mercedes’ chief technical officer, attributed the bouncing to potential setup issues or the track’s nature rather than any new modifications. However, it’s worth noting that both setup and track conditions apply to every team.

The Drivers Remain Uncertain with Mixed Results

George Russell initially had an advantage when he joined Mercede. Lewis Hamilton is regaining his form and George seems to be regressing.

Given the right equipment, Hamilton consistently delivers results.

Mercedes F1 Results – What Would We Do?

It’s easy to comment from the “peanut gallery”. Despite this we believe that Mercedes should revisit their decision-making process as it relates to the car design and development stages.

With the resources and expertise at hand, they have what’s needed to construct a championship contender.

Mercedes F1 Results – 2023

Grand PrixDateMercedes
Saudi Arabia19-Mar-2322
Great Britain9-Jul-2325
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