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Formula One (F1) is a highly competitive and technologically advanced sport that requires a lot of F1 Engineers exercising their expertise and innovation.

F1 is a complex and challenging sport that requires a lot of engineering talent and innovation.

F1 teams employ various types of engineers to design, develop, test, and optimize their cars and strategies for each race.

Each type of F1 Engineer has a specific role and responsibility that contributes to the team’s success. F1 engineers also have to work together as a cohesive unit to ensure that their cars are fast, reliable, and competitive.

The following lists the different engineering disciplines use by Formula One. Click on the link next to each engineering type and you can find out the skills you need and what you may be able to earn in that role.

Generally speaking, there are five trackside key engineers for each car – the Race Engineer, the Performance Engineer, the Controls Engineer, the Power Train Engineer and the Systems Engineer.

These roles are split further in to the following sub categories of F1 Engineer,

The salary of each type of engineer in F1 can vary depending on their experience, expertise, and team. However, based on some estimates from various sources, we have included the possible ranges for the annual salary of each type of engineer in F1 in 2023:

These are only rough estimates and may not reflect the actual salary of each type of engineer in F1. The salary of each type of engineer may also depend on other factors such as bonuses, incentives, and benefits. F1 engineers also have to work long hours and travel frequently, which may affect their quality of life.


We hope this helps you see the wide range of possible engineering jibs that are available in F1

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