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Chloe Anna Grant is a Scottish racing driver who has been making waves in motorsports in recent years. Born and raised in Perth, Scotland, Grant’s love for racing began at a young age.

At 16, she made the leap to car racing and joined the Scottish Formula Ford Championship.

Despite being one of the few female drivers in the championship, Grant quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with. She won several races and finished in the top five championship standings in her first season. Her performances caught the media’s attention, and she became a popular figure in the Scottish motorsports scene.

How Old Is Chloe Grant?

She was born on 20 March 2006 (17 in 2023)

Who Are Chloe’s Parents?

But behind every future successful driver lies a story of hard work, determination, and unwavering support from their loved ones.

This is certainly true for F1 academy driver Chloe Grant, whose success has been fueled by the unwavering support of her parents. Meet the dynamic duo who have been instrumental in shaping Chloe’s journey to the top of the racing world.

From the early days of karting to the hopes of success in the F1 academy of F1 racing, this is the tale of a family who has gone above and beyond to help their daughter become one of the most talented drivers in the world.

Meet The Parents Behind F1 Academy Driver Chloe Grant’s Success.

Chloe’s dad is Mike Grant, and her mum is Sharon Grant.

“While Chloe has done very well in karting over the last few years and is the current Rowrah junior champion,
I don’t think we fully appreciated just how good she is behind the wheel.
“The positive feedback from the judges and others on the grid was incredible.”

Mike Grant

Where Did Chloe Go To School?

Perth High School

Chloe went to Perth High School. After completing her schooling, she moved to Loughborough College in Leicestershire, working on a two-year Enhanced Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE) course provided by Motorsport UK Academy. (Source – The checkered flag)

Chloe’s Motorsport Career

Her father was a keen motorsports enthusiast and introduced her to karting when she was just six years old. From that moment, she was hooked.

Grant quickly proved herself a talented driver and began competing in karting competitions across Scotland. She won numerous races and championships and caught the attention of racing teams and sponsors.

Chloe Grant – Karting

Chloe-Grant-2019 karting trophy

Grant started karting in 2013 when she was only seven years old. Even though she was not old enough to race officially, the North of Scotland Kart Club in Golspie raised a blind eye and let her practice.

She started competing at the East of Scotland Kart Club in Crail in 2014. In her first year, she won the coveted Newcomer Award for 2014. She continued to race in the East of Scotland Kart Club cadets for the next two years. She ended up in third position in 2014 and second in 2015 in the club championship.

In 2017 when she turned 11, she moved up to the Minimax class. Chloe won the East of Scotland Kart Club championship driving in the Minimax class. She also won the Most Improved Minimax Driver of The Year.

She continued in Minimax in 2018 when she was 12.

In 2019 she raced on five different tracks across Scotland. She finished 2nd at the Cumbia club. At her old hunting ground, the East of Scotland Kart Club, she led from the start of the season in April, won twice, and achieved some more podiums.

In 2020 She Earned Her Racing Driver’s License

Before going into lockdown, Knockhill allowed me to become the youngest Scottish driver to gain a Motorsport UK Junior Racing Driver License.

She learned to drive a car at Knockhill Racing Circuit near Dunfermline. After a few practice sessions, she passed her ARDs test aged 13.

2021 Junior Saloon Car Championship

In 2021, Grant debuted in the Junior Saloon Car Championship (JSCC) – and won!

She beat off 25 other competitors at the Stafford Driving Centre and earned the Junior Saloon Car Championship team package. She won a £35,000 scholarship.

2022 GB4 Championship

GB4 Championship

Grant’s success continued in the following years as she moved up the ranks and competed in the 2022 GB4 Championship.

She was sponsored by Laser Tools Racing and ended up in ninth position in the overall standings.

F1 Academy

Chloe Grant F1 Academy1

Chloe has won a place in the 2023 F1 Academy  alongside the likes of

  1. Bianca Bustamante
  2. Aurelia Nobels
  3. Jamie Chadwick

She first tested for ART Grand Prix in Spain and again in France, where they raced the Tatuus F4-T421 chassis used in Formula 4 championships globally. The car is powered by turbocharged engines that produce 165 bhp.

Following the tests, she has been signed up for ART Grand Prix. ART has helped mold the careers of many notable F1 drivers, including.

  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. George Russel
  3. Paul Di Resta.

F1 subsidizes the racing budget with a payment of €150,000 (£132,000) to each driver. The drivers must match with the backing of their own. The following companies support her quest.

  1. Laser Tools
  2. John Clark Motor Group
  3. Kevin Cuthbert PT
  4. Fierce Racing.

Her first event was in Austria on the 28-29 April.   

Ecurie Ecosse

Chloe has also been selected as an Ecurie Ecosse “driver,” Scotland’s national racing team. They have helped young Scottish talents like David Coulthard, Dario Franchitti, and Allan McNish.

Chloe Grant As A Role Model

Grant’s success has made her a role model for young aspiring female racing drivers in Scotland and beyond.

She has spoken about the challenges she, as a girl, has faced in a male-dominated sport and has worked to promote diversity and inclusion in motorsports.

Who Is Chloe’s F1 Role Model?

Chloe has very high regard for Lewis Hamilton. She met him in 2018.

“I really like Lewis, not just because he is British and because he is such a good driver, but because of the person he is. He has such a kind heart, he is really genuine, and he works really hard.”

Chloe Grant (Chloe’s dad)

Showing his legendary class, he took time off to chat with Chloe even though Lewis was late for a meeting.

Chloe and Lewis

She was impressed that he took half an hour to speak to he and spoke to her like an equal.

“He was so kind. It was so inspirational, like nothing else.”


Chloe’s achievements over the years are listed below.

2023 (17 Years Old)

Promoted to the F1 Academy

2022 (16 Years Old)

Competed in the 2022 GB4 Championship

2021 (15 Years Old)

She raced in 18 Junior Saloon Car Championship races
Junior Saloon Car Championship Scholarship winner

2020 – Karting (14 Years Old) 

BWRDC Kart Sport Champion
CRKC Rowrah Junior Club Champion
NKF Championship 3rd Place
BWRDC Junior GoldStar

2019 – Karting (13 Years Old)

BWRDC Barbara E Bird Trophy recipient
Scottish Motor Racing Club Rising Star (Youngest Recipient)
NSKC Ironside Shield; Best Rookie Driver of The Year
NSKC Ben Bhraggie Shield; Best Female Driver of The Year
GKC Junior Driver Award
Northern Challenge 2nd Place
ASKC’s Scottish Female Driver of the Year Award
ESKC Junior Club Champion
GKC Junior Championship 3rd Place
NSKC Junior Championship 2nd Place

2018 – Karting (12 Years Old)

1 CKC MiniMax Junior Driver of The Year
2 CKC MiniMax O Plate Champion
3 CKC MiniMax Championship 3rd Place
4 ESKC MiniMax Championship 2nd Place Non-MSA

2017 – Karting (11 Years old)

1 ESKC MiniMax Driver of The Year
2 ESKC MiniMax Club Champion

2016 – Karting (10 Years Old)

1 ESKC Cadet Championship 2nd Place Non-MSA

2015 – Karting (9 Years Old)

1 ESKC Cadet Championship 3rd Place Non-MSA

2014 – Karting (8 Years old)

1 ESKC Cadet Championship Best Newcomer

What Does Chloe Do Outside Motor Racing?

Chloe speaks of the sacrifices she has had to make in pursuing her Motorsports dream. Many if her friends groups have not understood her passion and have drifted away.

She has a very supportive family which helps.

When Chloe relaxes she maybe found next to a swimming pool soaking in the rays

Chloe Grant bikini


Chloe remains quite coy when she discusses the possible future in F1. She talks about other series that she may end up in, but seems a little nervous to declare that F1 is her goal.

There is no question that she has the talent. All she needs now is the right kind of luck and everything falling into place. We wish her everything of the best as she puts it all on the line in her chosen career.

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