Young George Russel standing behind Lewis Hamilton

Taking the traditional path to F1, Young George Russel achieved many successes across various classes have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Now racing alongside Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes F1 team, he is proving his ability – and his worth to a struggling team. Added to his skill levels, George has an exceptionally string fair play ethic – he won’t speak badly of other drivers, even when he has been wronged.

This combination of talent and ethics make George the consummate sportsman.

Young George Russel – Foray into Go-Karting

Young George Russel

Like many F1 greats before him, his racing genesis was rooted in go-karts.

Beginning in 2006 at just eight years old, by 2009, he had already clinched titles such as the MSA British champion and the British Open champion.

Rotax Mini Max Series

In a notable 2010 transition, he joined the  Rotax Mini Max series. This move saw him capturing numerous accolades, including:

  • The Super One British champion.
  • Formula Kart Stars British champion.
  • Kartmasters British Grand Prix winner.

As he hit his teenage years, Young George Russel didn’t slow down. At 13, he ascended to the KF3 class and further embellished his resume with titles like the SKUSA Super nationals and the prestigious CIK-FIA European Champion. By 14, having dominated the karting landscape, he was ready for fresh challenges.

From Formula Renault 2.0 to Formula 4: George Russel had an Interesting Journey

Young George Russel

2014 marked a pivotal year for Russel as he signed with the Koiranen GP racing team to compete in the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps championship. While health issues saw him miss a few races, he still showcased his tenacity by finishing the season in a commendable 4th place.

Subsequently, he transitioned to the Formula 4 series with the Lanan Racing team, where he continued his winning streak by clinching the BRDC Formula 4 Championship.

George Russell’s Stints in Formula 3 and GP3 Series

2015 saw him making his mark in the Formula 3 series. In his inaugural year, he secured a solid sixth position. By 2016, after joining forces with the Hitech GP team, he ended the season an impressive 3rd, only a position behind the talented Charles Leclerc.

In 2017, his prowess was further highlighted when he joined the ART Grand Prix team for the GP3 series. Dominating the field, he ended the season in the enviable number-one spot.

Young George Russel – Triumph in Formula 2

Young George Russel

2018 was another feather in Young George Russel’s cap. He Represented the ART Grand Prix team in the Formula 2 series. George demonstrated why he’s considered one of the brightest talents in the sport, by winning the series outright. Recommends


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