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Max Verstappen And George Russel Collide!

From the grid Max came under immediate pressure from Russell and an exciting tussle followed through the opening corners.

With the both drivers not giving an inch and going wheel-to-wheel, Russell locked his wheels into Turn 2 and came together into Verstappen’s side, before eventually passing the Red Bull at Turn 3.

Max was very unhappy and continued to vent over the radio for the next few laps

Did he really drive into the side? I don’t understand how he can keep the position and he is damaging my car!

Max Verstappen

The race director saw it differently and ruled the collision as a racing incident.

max damage

The collision caused a visible hole in Max’s left hand sidepod. Max drove a masterful race in his damaged car and achieved third place. At the end of the race Max had some choice words to say to George.

Meet “Dickhead” And “Princess George”

“Dickhead” and “Princess George” were two of the unflattering titles which Verstappen hurled at Russell following the sprint.

Vertsappen insulting George

You can almost hear the insults!

Max Verstappen being a gentleman and as eminently gracious as he always is!

In the subsequent media briefings both drivers shared a different view!

Amusingly Lando Norris joked about it.

“I told him earlier he just needs to watch out he doesn’t run into anyone today.”

Lando Norris Joking about the George Russel / Max Verstappen spat

He did however tell George Russell that he takes Russel’s on the incident.

“I’m actually on your side George so you’re good mate,”

Norris revealed