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Lando Norris started karting at age 7, and in his first race, he achieved the pole position. Since then, he has left a trail of outstanding successes which point to him potentially becoming one of the “greats” in the future.

To help you get to know this remarkable driver, we have compiled a list of 38 facts about him personally, his career, the important people in his life, and his personal life. If McLaren had provided him with a more competitive car, Lando would have achieved great things in the last 3 years.

Read on to discover all the facts you may not know about this remarkable young talent.

If McLaren can get its act together and provide a competitive F1 car to Lando, he has the potential to race at the front of the grid.

Failing this, after Lewi Hamilton retires from Mercedes, there are rumors that Lando is the preferred candidate.