Tag: “D**khead” and Princess George

Max Verstappen has called George Russel a “D**khead” and Princess George

Max Verstappen was unhappy with George Russel colliding with him in the Azerbaijan F1 race in 2023. 

With the both drivers not giving an inch and going wheel-to-wheel, Russell locked his wheels into Turn 2 and came together into Verstappen’s side, before eventually passing the Red Bull at Turn 3.

The collision caused a visible hole in Max’s left hand sidepod. Max drove a masterful race in his damaged car and achieved third place. 

The race director ruled the collision as a racing incident.

Max was very unhappy and continued to vent over the radio for the next few laps

Did he really drive into the side? I don’t understand how he can keep the position and he is damaging my car!

Max Verstappen

Max confronted George at the end of the event he expressed his unhappiness.

George explained that the he lost traction because the track was slippery.

As George was leaving Max shouted after him, accusing George of being a D**khead!

Later when being interviewed he said that Princess George was at fault!

Not Max’s finest hour by any means.