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Angela Cullen (born 5 August 1974) is a New Zealand physiotherapist and former field hockey player. Since 2015, she has worked for Hintsa Performance and is attached to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. She is best known as the physiotherapist to seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton.

When Angela Cullen left Lewis Hamilton’s side he lost much more than a physiotherapist.  Over the years she has become someone who he can rely on without any question.

She has been his confidante, friend, physiotherapist, driver, dietitian and shoulder to cry on through the years.

Angela is married and has two children ( a son and daughter).

She has worked with the  British Olympic teamUK Athletics the British triathlon team and other corporate clients. In the British Olympic team

Lewis Hamilton announced on Friday, ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend, that their long-time partnership has come to an end. “I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of her,” he wrote as part of an emotional message to Cullen on social media.

She has recently left Lewis Hamiltons side and it is going to be a big loss that he is going t have to adapt to.

The two remain close and apparently text each other every day.  We wish Angela well as she transitions into a new phase in her life.