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Alex Albon Ansusinha (อเล็กซานเดอร์ อัลบอน อังศุสิงห์ in Thai) is a talented racing driver who has made a name for himself in the world of motorsports.

Alex Albon was very successful early part of his motorsport career. He has had some disappointments, including being dropped as the number two Red Bull driver where he partnered with Max Verstappen. He is settling at Williams and is enjoying his racing again.

In this article we look at facts about Alex Albon that you may not be aware of. We look at his history, his family life and his turbulent time at Red Bull.

Alex Albon’s Early Life And Career

Alex was born in London, England, on March 23, 1996 making him 23 years old.

Albon is of Thai and British descent.

Who Is Alex Albon’s Father?

His father, Nigel Albon, was also a racing driver and encouraged his son’s interest in the sport

Alex Albon Mom

Alex Albon’s mother, Kanako, is from Thailand.

In 2018 Alex Albon’s Mom went to jail for a £7.5million car scam.

She sold Ferraris, Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s to investors at discounted rates with a promise of selling them on again for quick profits.

Customers never received their high end cars.

At the time she owned a £4million country house located in Essex(it even had its own moat). She also spent £10,000 a year sending her five children to private school.

Alex Albin’s mum was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to six years in prison by the Ipswich Crown Court in 2012. The judge –  Judge Rupert Overbury – said that her crimes where a “massive, greed-driven fraud.”

Her home was repossessed, and her collection of Mulberry handbags was sold to enable some restitution to victims who lost money. The bags sold for £60,000.

She left prison in 2015. Alex has said that he has now forgiven her and that she has paid for her crime.

Alex has a brother and three sisters.

    1. Luca – Brother

    1. Chloe – Sister

    1. Zoe  – Sister

    1. Alicia – Sister

Where Did Alex Albon Go To School?

Albon attended a private boarding and day school called – Ipswich School

Albon made his Formula 1 debut in 2019, replacing Brendon Hartley at Toro Rosso.

Alex Albon Australian GP

He scored points in his first race in Australia, finishing in ninth place, and continued to impress throughout the season. His performances caught the eye of Red Bull, and he was promoted to their senior team for the 2020 season, replacing Pierre Gasly.

Alex Albon – Toro Rosso

Albon’s performances in Formula 2 caught the attention of the Toro Rosso team, the junior team of Red Bull Racing.

Alex Albon Torro Rosso

He was signed as a test driver for the team in 2018 and made his debut in the F1 car during the post-season Abu Dhabi test. He impressed the team with his performance and was signed as a full-time driver for the 2019 season.

Albon made his F1 debut at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix and finished 14th. He scored his first points at the Chinese Grand Prix, where he finished tenth.

Albon’s performances improved throughout the season, and he scored his first podium finish at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix, where he finished second behind Max Verstappen.